No, it’s not over.
Jeff Dickey

Bought and Paid For

I’ll start with 2 articles to help explain Trump’s support:

One is from a conservative blog, and the other’s from a liberal one. I’ve been saying all along Hillary is business as usual and not in a good way. One common response to people complaining about the lack of work is “go into STEM”. Okay:

There are plenty of the above out there. Yet companies claim they can’t find qualified people to hire and then lobby people like Hillary to try to increase H1B caps, and she happily tries. H1B is the modern day equivalent of indentured servitude. The whole program needs to be reformed, but politicians are paid to keep it as is. That it’s used to “restructure” departments to make American workers “obsolete” is an open secret.

This is just an example of how I personally feel sold out by my government and politicians.

Trump is one of the few people out there who openly talks about trade deficits. Basically, our idea of “free trade” usually entails a country sending us manufactured goods, keeping the money, and not buying from us in return. Often the manufactured goods they sell us used to be manufactured here. So, we get stuff that depreciates sometimes in days (clothes) or a few years (phones, computers, etc.). The money we send is still good in a few years.

The companies that outsourced the work often end up moving their headquarters out of the country to avoid paying at our tax rate. Then they start selling the stuff that used to be manufactured here in other countries and never pay US taxes on the money.

We end up with crumbling infrastructure and no tax base, and the countries our corporations outsourced the jobs to “lend” us our money back at interest and we build a deficit.

This is all great for Wall Street. Main Street, not so much. Eventually there won’t be enough money left here to buy the crap they’re selling. Once everyone’s forced into service jobs because everything that can be outsourced has been, where does the money come from? The other countries we outsourced to won’t need to buy our crap because we don’t make anything. They’ll have taken over product design and development from us or we’ll have already outsourced it, and what will we have left? The other countries already manufacture our crap. What happens when they take over designing it? How long will our unique “innovation” here keep them from doing it?

The Trump supporters are the ones who have already been completely sold out or feel they are in imminent danger of it. He’s probably right that he can shoot someone in the street and they’ll still vote for him. It’s their desperation play because they already know what the political class like Hillary has in store for them. They want to burn it all down because in their case, they feel as though it’s already happened. What’s left to lose?

I wish we had someone “presidential” who understood this, but all the “presidential” people are bought and paid for.

I remember people saying during Bill Clinton’s administration that as long as the money was good he could screw whoever he wanted in The White House. I think the Trump sentiment is pretty similar.

I read an opinion piece that said the tapes won’t really matter in the long run because everyone who was going to be turned off by them was turned off long ago. That’s probably correct.

This turned into a pretty long response to your story. I think you’re right that we’re ripe for the next fascist who is a bit more palatable to come along. But, we’re also ripe for someone who isn’t a fascist to come along and really fix things. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting another 4 years to find out how it turns out. Business as usual for now.

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