Hey Mark. Welcome back.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

Hah, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve said I’d like to do exactly that. Unfortunately, I just read an article on CNBC about how wholesale weed prices are tanking because big players are moving in and supply is outstripping demand. I guess nothing’s safe :(

I managed for now to end up in a good place. But, I learned last time it’s not safe to assume there’s another job waiting.

Trump just temporarily suspended H1B fast track grants. I’m all for it. That program needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. Last time I was looking for work, I would follow up on jobs I applied/interviewed for and saw that many stayed on the market for 6 months or longer. I gather they’re just covering their asses to claim they couldn’t find qualified people here.

They should amend that to they couldn’t find indentured servants here who will work 80-hour weeks and never ask for more money for fear of deportation.

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