You’re the male counterpart of my life and thoughts.
Ana Frusinoiu

Hi, Ana. I agree a good number of those expectations came about from a desire to get us to comply and be good workers. I was never into that myself.

Ironically, many of the most desirable fields of work don’t want compliant workers, but that’s still what most school systems try to produce.

As for life experience, in my case, when I was younger, people used to ask me when I was going to “settle down”. They still do, but back then, I had a number. I would say 28. It was years away back then. It obviously came and went.

At some point, influential people conflated average with desirable or perfect, and our society has been influenced in countless ways since. So, we got the 2.5 kids expectation, because you don’t want to be below average, do you? Average salaries, average house size, and average everything else were great motivators. You wouldn’t want to fall behind and be one of those people.

Like everything, I think there needs to be balance, but we’ve been slaves to many of these expectations for way too long. I don’t fault parents for passing the expectations on because it’s what they were taught, but eventually, we need to question why we do it. I think often the answer is just “we always did”.

We always did doesn’t mean we always have to. The last thing this system wants is free thinkers, and free thinkers are the very thing the world needs right now. We need new solutions.

We can’t fix what we can’t see.

We don’t necessarily need to throw everything out, but everything should be open to question, both in our individual lives and in society.

We’ll never find freedom living up to expectations. I’m questioning those put on me and those I put on others. I think that’s the path to true freedom. Now I just need to take it.

I’m glad you found the right path to a good life.

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