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Hi, Violet. I’m doing well. It’s good to see you too!

I’m currently watching the Trump implosion with rapt fascination. I mean, I just have Trump sitting on a Google page and go back to the computer and refresh it periodically to see what’s new. Some articles are saying it’s probably been at least 40 years since a campaign was so thoroughly derailed by a single event. I mean, there was Dukakis in the tank, the Dean Scream, Romney saying 47 percent of the country was lazy, etc. But this is really something.

And then there’s the dump of Hillary’s transcripts. I’ve been convinced she’s just a corporate shill forever, but that was just more verification. President Obama used to call her the Senator from Punjab. That she’s been working to keep my wages down and put me out of a job isn’t exactly news to me. Given the field I work in, I’m not exactly looking forward to a Hillary presidency either.

This election’s just a disappointment. I might as well enjoy the entertainment value.

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