For a long time, I didn’t use an ad blocker because I wanted to support the sites I read.

I use Privacy Badger from EFF. It’s effectively an ad blocker because pretty much all of them attempt to track your usage these days. I’m in pretty much complete agreement with you. If they didn’t try to track my every move and take so much of my system resources, I’d be more open to letting them display. I’m so reflexive to closing popups I don’t even see them. Advertising, even when not blocked, is just losing its effect. We’re growing immune to it.

At the last company I worked, it took over 27 seconds for their page to finish loading on my 300 megabit connection due to all the 3rd party crap they were loading. That’s not to mention the misery of tracking down errors every time one of them screwed up their JavaScript. I don’t miss it.

Those new mobile ads that overlay the page and slow down the scrolling to make them difficult to scroll past are especially annoying. I’ve gotten to the point I’ll just not use sites that employ them.

I’m quite open to micropayments.

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