My problems with capitalism are multiple and layered, but this is at the heart of it.
David Moser

I would definitely be interested in hearing more of your thoughts as you get time. I do have this nagging thought that at least some socialism is necessary and even desirable.

I think part of the problem right now is we have a form of implicit socialism nobody sees. When a company has a massive amount of employees and pays them less than survival wages, all of our social safety nets kick in for their employed people. So, they’re effectively using the tax payers to pay the difference and realizing what’s kept as shareholder value.

And then you have the outsourcing of labor further and further down a supply chain to continue to end up in sweat shops. I remember years ago when it came out that $100 shoes were being manufactured for a few bucks. So, no savings passed to the consumer with the difference being given to stock holders.

And, for example, parenting is difficult to put a value on. If a potential stay at home parent makes more money, their opportunity cost to raise their child is higher while the “value” of raising the child at home is the same to the market but not necessarily to them.

I’m still grappling with the value/money difference.

My car is worth more to me than the market would pay for it because I wouldn’t want to trade it for one used exactly the same amount with someone else’s funk in it. So, since that value only exists to me, I lose it when I sell.

I guess it’s just really complicated. I’ll be continuing to read on it with an open mind to the idea that some socialist concepts will be necessary.

I also like the idea of economies that aren’t based on debt. Since intrinsic to the money is a debt that has to be paid out of money that doesn’t yet exist, in some ways, bankruptcy and a need for acceleration are also intrinsic to the system.