Yes, it’s funny.
Lon Shapiro

I wouldn’t have gotten the Sinatra reference until recently, when I started reading The Glory and the Dream, by William Manchester. I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it, but I wouldn’t have believed some of the things that have happened in this country.

As much as I don’t really get the generational thing, at 40, I’m 5 years older than a millennial and old enough to be a parent to some of them.

I got a good laugh out of the video myself. In many ways, the joke’s on us. They weren’t the ones handing out the participation trophies. The sad part is nobody prepared them for a world that doesn’t hand out those trophies.

I’ve also been recognizing what these people are going through. Having difficulty landing a job in an industry that claims to have 2% unemployment can be eye opening. The labor force participation rate is in the toilet. If your job disappears and you give up, you just don’t exist anymore. Thus, under 5% overall unemployment again.

I went to a job interview recently, and a young woman, probably in her early 20’s was waiting to interview as well for a different position. She was telling me how she hoped she could get 1 job in her field so she could quit the 3 jobs she’s doing now.

Real wages haven’t gone up significantly in forever, and yet the “economy” according to the numbers on TV is better than it’s ever been.

These people didn’t even have a chance to feel as though they got started before getting screwed. You’re not having a proper “free market” negotiation on salary when one end of the deal is desperate for anything at all.

I’m still trying to sort out who is right in regards to money itself, as in what it even is. I suspect you’re right that they want to keep us dumb because if the average person had any idea of the games they play that we’re forced to cover to “save the economy,” they’d shut it down tomorrow.

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