I’m a graphic designer just over 40.
jeff youngblood

I wouldn’t necessarily advocate counting it out. Having both of those skills could be compelling. There are fulfilling places to work with good people. You just might have to sift through some really nice looking jobs to find them, and at our age, it does, even according to statistics, take longer. I wouldn’t quit what you’re doing to jump into the job market. I had my reasons, but jumping without a parachute is fun until the money starts running low.

This conversation is partly about SV and startup culture in particular. Reading media accounts, you’d think they’re so hard up they’d give a coding job to anyone who read Coding for Dummies and had a pulse, but that’s not the case.

I think the ageism is starting to get some needed attention, but it’s not just ageism. They’re currently fixated on this idea of only hiring A players. But by what standard? Some of those jobs sit out there for months unfilled.

My considering leaving is because I’ve been doing it for a very long time, and when it goes bad, it can be exhausting. If I can find the right fit, I’d do it again.

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