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I’m probably not the best person to ask that. My personal experience of school was that it was basically a routine to get through. The routine is still to this day structured like an assembly line. I’ve taken an interest in history and how the world works later on my own, but school just wasn’t that interesting at least for me.

There were some high points. I had a Latin teacher in high school who would hold voluntary sessions after class and tell us about Roman and Greek history. I had a professor at LSU in my comparative civilizations class who would meet with a group of us after class.

I heard school used to be very unstructured time with the teachers. That would have been great. If someone’s going to read from a book to me and call it class, just give me the book and my semester back.

I also think they’ve sanitized history in school texts a good bit. Districts pick what history to teach based on their political bent. I took civics class, but I heard that’s ancient history now.

The one thing I read about recently in particular that I couldn’t get over was The ‘Bonus Army’ War.

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