white People’s Favorite Questions About ‘black’ People Answered by a ‘black’ person
Kindra J. F.

I’m sure this has been addressed before, and please feel free to point out references if you’re aware of any of them, but I also noticed your interest in use of language. We seem to have this subconscious need to decide if someone is black or white or whatever rather than acknowledging the mix.

The term “white” seems to be only a given set of mostly European ethnic groups where “black” is inclusive of any amount of white or other races until dark skin isn’t visible where they could then maybe be taken for white. There are a good number of “whites” in the south with some African ancestry who still claim “white” because you can’t see it.

So, white is one skin color and no “black” (or other race) features whereas any other amount of non-white is the other race. White/Hispanic = Hispanic White/Black = Black White/Asian = Asian. Mixed people typically can’t (as allowed in our language) claim white, not to mention the color reference is no more accurate than black is when referring to brown people. White is not generally thought of as a continuum like we think of other races. I’m not endorsing this but rather noticing it.

Do you think our language is affecting how we think of people?

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