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Much of Trump’s support is in what we call “flyover country”. It’s where the elite liberals fly over on their way to see other elites.

Trump is giving people something to rail against. Like in most of these cases, it starts with a grain of truth. Corporations are closing their operations here and using cheaper foreign labor. Politicians work to enable it and then claim to represent us. People in coal country have had a Democrat in office for 8 years causing coal plants to be shut down and telling them their jobs will be replaced with “green energy” jobs that never appeared. Hillary is offering them the same “solution”.

They feel unheard and he says the things they want to say to the government if they thought it would make a difference. He’s saying it’s rigged, and in many ways, it is. They’re told what’s happening is good for them and they just need to shut up and accept it. They can’t pay their bills and they feel nobody cares. They’re probably right. Trump is their anger. With nothing to lose, they might as well enjoy watching it burn. It’s already starting regardless.

Before he totally went off the rails, I felt it too. I see things falling apart for people around me, and I see people like Hillary who make promises to the people and keep promises to the corporations.

It’s disgusting. If nothing changes, we will end up with a populist, fascist cult of personality in office sooner rather than later in my opinion. Just not this time.

Just about everyone I know is voting against Trump, not for Hillary.

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