Hi Mark H
Kindra J. F.

That piece you referenced laid it out well. I’ve often felt the same about religions. I would sometimes ask, “If it’s true that if you don’t follow XYZ then you’re going to Hell, what about the people who weren’t told?”

With racism, the ignorance and apathy excuse holds until you’ve seen enough that you should have been educated. If you choose to ignore the effects of your actions afterwards and enjoy the benefits, well, it’s racism.

There are definitely groups out there who benefit from the victim mentality of blacks and other groups. People find a way to feed on anything. It’s sometimes difficult to weed out the parasites.

That said, some of these pieces are just people coming to a realization in their way. I don’t know that it contributes anything towards a solution, but people will find a need to express what they feel they’ve learned. Others can help them along if they choose. Nobody’s obligated.

I think we need to move from guilt and victimhood towards purpose. As I just wrote, I don’t know a quick way towards a solution, but hopefully we’ll find it. I don’t personally believe protesting and writing to the government does much of anything. The problem there is I’m just left with throwing my hands up. I know I and we need better. I’m stuck solving my own immediate problems as are all of us for the time being.

As for the racism boxing us whites in too, great point. When everyone knows the expected limits, they follow them.

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