I am suspicious of, not you, nor your motives, but the idea of any supply chain involving monetary…
David Moser

That thought’s occurred to me as well. Work in progress. :)

My main concerns are transactions that are made when one party holds an advantage over the other that doesn’t have to do with value. A good capitalistic transaction would mean both parties feel they walked away with a good deal.

I think far too often, we have people walking away with the deal they were able to get just based on their situation.

One example I used recently: you lost your job and need to sell your car for food money or rent. Is the car worth less because you need to sell?

You need the job so I’ll pay you shit wages. I’m concerned this will be more common as we have less need for lower skilled people.

Sometimes you’ll willingly take less just because you want to get it done with, but in a situation like above, someone’s situation is possibly being used to give them less value in the sale.

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