Thus happened in tbw case of Argentina.
Greg McCain

That’s an interesting case. I hadn’t read about it. I had read in passing that a number of countries did quite well after their currencies collapsed and they started over. The sad part in our case is I think they’ll just run the presses (I know they don’t really print most of it anymore) until there’s no paper left to put in them. We’ll slowly fade away rather than flame out.

Even the idea that they’re entertaining negative interest rates says pretty negative things about the economy. It’s doing so poorly you might have to pay people to take money? They’re also talking about putting out “helicopter money”. Just basically writing checks to people to get them to spend.

I think the illusion will have to be up sooner or later because they’re running out of tricks. There are so many articles out there saying analysts can’t understand how the market keeps going up. We’re overdue for a recession. I wonder if they’re not just getting fatalist about it and thinking they’ll take from one last big bubble before everyone decides they’re tired of the games.