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The first time I flew first class was followed by a trip home in economy a couple of days later. I remember that sinking feeling seeing the cramped seats waiting for me after walking through the cabin I had just flown in a couple days prior. It definitely hits you.

I think the root of the problem is economy is just so terrible these days. I remember flying economy 20 years ago, and the seat was the size of a first class seat without the big armrest because it was 5 across a 737 instead of 6, and we were served a hot meal with a knife and fork. You also used to get the whole can of Coke among other things. This was regular economy, no stupid “economy comfort” “upgrade”.

Before someone queues up the whining about us bringing up first world problems, some of us are required to fly long distances for work and have had family displaced in natural disasters. Flying isn’t always a choice.

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