Kindra and Mark -

Whimsagogy, hi. I think we’re pretty much on the same page. I had a great deal of help in getting where I am in my thinking on this. Kindra J. F. helped me learn to think for and assert myself to try to learn, even if I’m going to step in it at times, and H. Nemesis Nyx very patiently guided me through realizing that I was using different lenses to judge different people and groups. Basically, I’m free to think as I want and am not required to agree, but be fair about it. Doing something about it is a process, but seeing it is the first step.

I’ve found in making effort to turn off those thoughts that separate everyone out into groups and boxes my world has gotten somewhat friendlier and kinder. I feel less defensive. I see people more. It takes less effort over time.

My talk about our powerlessness against big systems is for those who come to the realization that it’s happening and want to see it all broken at once. These systems weren’t built overnight. I think the first step in many cases is just to get to the point that many of us can admit what we have isn’t working. Strangely, we’re fighting against our convictions that the systems work when clearly they don’t.

Longer-term, I think what you suggest is mostly in line with what I’ve been thinking and advocating. Each person we convince is one less person who justifies the systems as they exist. Each person is a crack in the systems’ mandates. jaden violet recently recounted a story about someone picking up starfish from the beach and throwing them back in the water and when someone mentioned that it was fruitless, they said, “not for that one”. We will fix things, but not tomorrow.

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