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You’re right. It’s a bit more complicated than that. But, I’ve never seen a woman’s eyes light up when Family Guy walks into the room.

The others you mentioned had a unique look and personality to match. There definitely isn’t an ideal, but most women I’ve talked to don’t fantasize about going home and rubbing down a beer belly. Some do, but some people like just about anything. In addition to just not liking the look, it carries with it the idea that he’ll come home and have her getting beers while he watches TV or just go to the bar and come home drunk all the time.

I think it also has something to do with confidence. I think it’s pretty obvious when I’m uncomfortable in my clothes or feel fat or generally unhappy with myself. Maybe a man who doesn’t care radiates more confidence.

Many of the men who are harassing often aren’t confident. They’re going for the law of large numbers. Eventually a woman will give in and go on a date with him. Our culture also often teaches us to push until she says yes.

I think most of us would love if they’d stop so we wouldn’t get the preemptive eye roll from some women when we didn’t even look at them and we could actually be comfortable walking by each other again.

Women do seem to be much more accepting at least for a time of when a guy becomes Family Guy after the relationship is established. I once saw a 350 pound guy telling his just slightly overweight wife she needed to lose weight without the slightest mention of the fact that parts of him were hanging over the side of the chair. Personality seems to gain men a lot more points than it does women. I say this in general of course.

There is some of men just pushing acceptance of them eating and drinking what they feel like without care and thinking the women just need to live with it. A man can expect some teasing or ribbing if another man believes he is improving his looks for women.

As for objectification being a worthwhile viewpoint, in many cases, physical looks determine whether two people ever talk to each other, regardless of personality. Sometimes you manage to click anyway, but often it will never happen without the physical attraction.

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