Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Enduring San Francisco

Alternative photos to accompany the New York Times article on Ferlinghetti’s San Francisco. All quotes taken from the article.

City Lights Bookstore

“Pound for pound, City Lights is almost certainly the best bookstore in the United States… [I]t’s so dense with serious world literature of every stripe, and so absent trinkets and elaborate bookmarks and candles and other foofaraw, that it’s a Platonic ideal. It can inspire, even in jaded bookstore-goers, something close to religious awe.”

City Lights Bookstore
Crime Fiction Author Domenic Stansberry reads at City Lights

Beat Museum

“From City Lights we hit The Beat Museum a block or so away. It’s a bit rundown and seedy. But it’s a place to marinate for a while in 50s-era literary nostalgia. For an $8 admission fee, you can ogle things like Jack Kerouac’s tweed jacket and Ginsberg’s typewriter.”

The Beat Museum
Customers at the Beat Museum

Caffe Trieste

“We popped into Caffe Trieste, the oldest coffee house in San Francisco, a block away from City Lights. This one-time Beat hangout has maintained its old vibe and is still going strong. Mr. Ferlinghetti often wrote here. So did others, including Francis Ford Coppola.”

Caffe Trieste during Christmas Season
Woman Writes at Caffe Trieste

Li Po

“We made a beeline for the venerable bar Li Po Cocktail Lounge, named after a hard-living Chinese poet. Li Po was a popular Beat after-hours joint and Anthony Bourdain popped in when he was in town.”

Li Po by Night
Midnight at Li Po

Steinbeck & Other Bookstores

Borderlands [Books] is a geek paradise — it specializes in new, used and rare science fiction, horror and fantasy… In Travels with Charley: In Search of America (1962), Steinbeck recounts driving across the [Golden Gate] bridge as ‘the afternoon sun painted her white and gold…’ Pegasus Books is smaller, but expertly curated. The night we were there, the cashier was spinning old jazz records on a turntable.”

Customer Reads Travels with Charley at Borderlands Books
Old Edition of Author’s First Novel found at Pegasus Books