Craigslist Is Ugly, Janky, Old School…and Unbeatable
Justin Peters

saVery insightful.

There are several local marketplace apps that do what Craigslist does (and well), but capitalize on consumers’ growing preference for mobile to buy/sell on the fly, on the go. Some are purely secondhand goods-oriented (OfferUp, letgo), others more niche category-focused (Poshmark, Vinted), while an app like 5miles is, like Craigslist, full-category—goods, services, housing, jobs, even local deals & events—and, as the name implies, all within users’ neighborhoods.

There’s not necessarily a right way or wrong way to go about it, but keeping it free to use, easy to list/find, and safer, more secure (verified profiles, online payment + shipping/delivery options) certainly opens up the market to consumers who’ve been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for an alternative. This is why the likes of Facebook and eBay have gotten (back) into the marketplace game, and a key reason why the space will get more cluttered, not less, in the near future.

The one(s) savvy enough and best equipped to help small businesses and service providers make money (lead gen) and everyday consumers save money (including as a matter of convenience) should be the one(s) left standing on the other side of mobilized commerce.