A Policy A Day: Incarceration and Privatisation
Andrew Chen

I looked into the Bail Amendment Act 2013 earlier this year, after seeing there was going to be a march calling for it to be repealed. I noticed that pretty much immediately after it was enacted, the number of remand prisoners started to rise after having been steady/slowly falling for the past few years. Whereas the number of sentenced prisoners stayed fairly steady.

I made a graph of it, but I don’t think I can include it in a comment here. Here’s a link to where I put it on Twitter (where it includes a link to the source data): https://twitter.com/HonestUniverse/status/830157059299487744

I like the Green and Māori policies of not building any new prisons, but we also need something like TOP’s reduction in the number of prisoners.

I just did a quick Google, so may have missed other parties’ views on this, but both the Māori Party[1] and TOP[2] have called for appealing the Bail Amendment Act, which I think is a good idea.

[1] https://www.lawsociety.org.nz/news-and-communications/latest-news/news/general-election/how-would-your-party-improve-the-courts-and-court-processes

[2] http://community.scoop.co.nz/2017/08/the-opportunities-party-criminal-justice-policy/

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