Black Americans Have Every Sweet Reason to Flip Every Table in the Damned Room
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Crudeness of your writing aside, I frankly see a lot of talk and no mention of any worthwhile solutions. You whine and complain about the state of our nation and how much persecution blacks have endured (they have, no doubt), but offer no value to the discussion. As is often the case, the media and politicians have inflamed the passions of the masses and led them to focus on a symptom of the real problems of this nation. What needs to be addressed is the cycle of poverty, violence and despair in the inner cities, and how that can be helped. It’s led to ridiculous numbers of homelessness, homicides and abortion. And your rant does nothing but feed into the belief that the rich white man can hold people down, and there is nothing they can do about it. I mean, seriously?:

For-profit slavery is enshrined into our very Constitution — LITERALLY. Literally. Guaranteeing the White Man’s right to benefit from the ongoing suffering of Black people is forever enshrined into our literal Constitution. America is inextricably a Slave Nation.

Our government has put us into a position where we need their help more than ever, when they truly don’t give a rat’s ass about us. These career politicians just want to pad their pockets. And these empty promises that people like Obama, Hillary and Trump have made are just their way of throwing the people a bone. Meanwhile, did Obama do anything to truly help the people, institute any programs to help the inner cities? And because we’re now relying upon the govt, a Socialist received more votes than anyone. That to me is truly sad. I for one don’t ever want to have to count on the govt to take care of me.

Until people wake up, take accountability and vote for true change (against career politicians with empty promises) and candidates who have actual and feasible plans for positive change, we’ll keep falling into the quagmire into which we’re headed. The excuses have to stop, the cycle has to be broken, and people have to stop believing that there is no hope for them, regardless of who they are and where they came from. I am of mixed race and grew up in ghetto conditions. I know there are many that had it much worse. However, I don’t feel that the rich white man can continue to hold down those who strive for change. We have made huge advances as a country in certain areas, and all is not despair and gloom if we’re willing to fight for change.

As for the NFL, I sense your complete bitterness and hatred towards sports as well as other institutions, but to call blacks in the NFL persecuted and oppressed is completely laughable. Please, persecute me that way! I would love to make millions and retire in 10 years or so.

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