The Banality of Black Death
Eli Langley

I agree that there is still a great deal of racism in our society, from all races. There are far too many murders still committed, and some of those are racially motivated. There needs to be more outrage from everyone regarding those murders, as well as the epidemic of black on black murders which the police force is charged with attempting to control (how well they do that is another subject). In addition, there were 446 whites murdered by blacks (that number has gone up significantly the last few years, and 187 blacks murdered by whites last year (that number has gone down by a couple the last couple of years)….….should there be more outrage on all levels? Probably so. Should there be more outrage over the police officers who are losing their lives (42 died from gunfire in 2015)? I also agree that there are some terrible injustices related to police officer murders, but why is it always seemingly assumed to be racism when a white officer kills a black person? And why doesn’t there seem to be any blame placed upon those who attack officers prior to being killed? It seems almost as if it’s become the ‘in’ thing to physically resist law enforcement, which is certainly a troubling issue. I wish there were easier answers and better methods of addressing these concerns.

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