(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

You’re doing what liberals typically do- you’re taking the extreme in the other direction and labeling Trump’s presidency as authoritarianism. You have never seen authoritarianism and you had better hope that you never do. As per the liberal agenda, you even threw in the analogy to Hitler, not even subtly. This is why our country has the problems that it does. Each party takes it’s point to the extreme. At least I can say that most right wingers don’t take it to the point of being ludicrous as your article does. But if you want to find common ground, you should really stop that. Also, you don’t really offer any solutions in your article, which is common. You’re just firing out extreme accusations and basically whining about the power of the right wing. Offer some viable solutions. The healthcare situation is a prime example of how liberals get things done. I think almost everyone agrees that affordable healthcare is needed for everyone, but Obamacare took it to the extreme and created a terrible solution. When we take extreme stances on everything, it makes it impossible to find common ground. By ‘opposition,” I’m not sure what you’re advocating. But I do know that there are many right wing groups that are advocating violent measures and would be happy to rise up against a violent movement.

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