Police Brutality is a Problem for ALL Americans

Two clay police officers standing next to a potato and a potato bystander watches with shock
Why do American police kill more than foreign police?

Did you know that in 2019 over 1,536 Americans were killed by police officers? Sure there are some instances where these are hardened criminals, but do you believe that 100% were? So that means the rate per 10 million people was 46.6. So what about some of the countries we look down upon? How many police killed citizens in countries that we have fought terrorism in? Well Iraq had 176+ (unsure what the + means, technically we also have 176+) and Iran had 304+. You know that place where drug dealers and rapists come from? (Mexico) Well, they had 371 citizens that were killed by police forces. Know what these countries all have in common? They all have lower rate of police killings than the US. I know what you’re thinking, they lie about their figures. You’re probably not wrong about that.

So let’s compare western societies that we view as peers, how do they fare? Let’s start with Canada, a country close by yet so different than us. In 2017 they had 36 people killed by police officers. Sure 2017 was an exceptionally peaceful year, especially compared to 2019, but I don’t see that figure going up 10 fold. They also have a significantly lower population than us, but that translates to a rate of 9.7 per 10 million. Here are a few other countries to consider:

France- 26
Netherlands- 4
Norway- 1
Australia- 4
Germany- 11
United Kingdom- 3
Japan- 2
Denmark- 0

So are we the citizenship just savages that need to be killed by police officers, or do we have a systemic problem with how we police? Remember, every time an American dies to a police officers, we are complicit. We paid someone to kill that citizen. We should fight to change how we police citizens, because I believe there are many cases where death could be avoided.

Our police is there to protect and serve, not to play the role of a super hero. In some states, we have decided that it makes no sense for an SUV to chase after a motorcycle and we have no pursuit laws put into place. This policy has saved lives, period. Sure these wild motorcyclists will escape, and no revenue will be generated but no one had to die. An SUV exceeding 120 MPH doesn’t protect and serve our community, and remember we are paying for this service.

If the police feel that they want to protect and serve our society, go after the larger criminals. We believe in trickle down economics, but not trickle down policing. When was the last time that you heard of a Wall St executive being arrested? George Floyd died for a $20 fraud, by that standard what should we have done to Bernie Madoff who defrauded $65,000,000,000 from his clients? Would there even be a corpse left? We have seen billions being robbed and I don’t recall any of these thieves in suits even being roughed up. In fact, sometimes they don’t even wear handcuffs as they are escorted by police.

I think we need to ask police to treat criminals likes they stole millions, or at least treat these massive frauds like petty criminals for the time being. That might be the reform that we need.



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