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The Every Belief Is A Risk Podcast is a medium-length discussion of any and all ideas related to Risk, Uncertainty, & Serendipity.

Just in time for “Easter”… Two episodes:

Episode 0.1: Where Did Religion Come From?

Episode 0.2 Economics of Crucifixion

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Episode 0.1: Where Did Religion Come From

You can’t define religion unless you look at the pattern of events at the origins of today’s religions. We shouldn’t just focus on the parallel rules or morals common to Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. Instead, we should look at how the founding teachers of these religions rebelled against the political and religious structures of the societies in which they lived.

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Episode 0.2 Economics of Crucifixion

The Easter story was not a magical miracle. But the event is still really important — not just because Western history spent so much time talking about it and representing it. We should think a little bit more about why the Romans used crucifixion as their method of choice for executions. And then we should understand Jesus’s so-called Resurrection as the culminating performance in the life of a great philosopher.

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