Strategies for playing UK Lotto in a successful way

The UK Lotto format has been launched in the recent times. This has given the participants a chance to match the 3 main numbers and acquire large prizes worth a minimum of £25 by hitting the jackpot. There’s another game called the Lotto Raffle game which was launched at about the same time. Some 50 winners will also be achieved for very draw of this game. Prize money worth £20,000 is being given to each of the winners. Ever since the new rules have come into effect, a new set of strategic ideas have been developed for individuals that are keenly interested to take part in these games.

UK Lottery veterans will experience little or no effect of changes in gaming rules

There’s this range of 01 to 49 out of which you’ll need to pick 6 numbers and match them for winning the jackpot. Regardless if whether you have the Bonus Ball number, you’ll get consolation prizes if you can match a minimum of 3 main numbers. When it comes to the game of UK lottery, you’ll find the main difference in achieving £25 in place of £10 if you succeed in matching these main numbers. This is what actually seems to be strategically correct while you play UK lottery.

Consider choosing individual numbers for each occasion while playing the game of nine lines. This way, you’ll end up covering 49 numbers, and cover some of them for even twice. You’ll need to bear a £9 charge towards your entries as per the old rules. An outlay worth 10% or profit worth £1 is what you get as per the old rules. On the contrary, you’ll get an outlay worth 38% or profit worth £7 under the new rules.

When you’re considering a single line for matching a minimum of three numbers, you’ll certainly need to some luck. This is what seems natural irrespective of whether you’re acquiring any Lucky Dip or following a certain strategy. Some £20,000 may be won by you through nine winning opportunities when you’re following this manner for playing nine lines.
It is very much possible for you to follow a strategic approach even when you don’t choose your numbers while playing online lottery. This happens as the main game of Lotto allows a rollover to add more to the total of Raffle prizes that can be acquired during the following draw. When you’re yet to win a number of raffle prizes, you might consider buying additional tickets as a strategic approach. The number of tickets you collect is directly proportional to your opportunities of hitting the main UK lotto jackpot!