The closing of our hospitality venues has had a significant social and financial impact across the UK. For those of us who rely on our local restaurants and bars to meet with friends, family and meet new people, we have lost those safe spaces in which to socialise — particularly those of us living alone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, hospitality business owners and their staff who rely on our custom to survive and thrive, have lost significant income which will have a rolling impact in other areas of their lives.

According to UK Hospitality’s quarterly Tracker, collated by CGA…

I’ll be honest — I have never liked the word “disabled”. When you break it down, “dis” and “abled” implies that the millions of disabled people around the globe are lacking in something because of their disabilities.

That we are somehow less smart, less talented, or less tenacious than our able-bodied peers because of a disability we may have had from birth, or acquired throughout our lifetime.

As a disabled person, public perception is a battle we are always having to fight.

If we’re not being portrayed by the media as weak and vulnerable, on the other side of the…

When the UK lockdown was announced on 23rd March, I think I speak for most of us when I say that the future seemed hazy and unclear.

Never before has the general population seen a time where they aren’t able to leave their homes except for essential trips and exercise, where supermarket shelves are bare and they cannot see their loved ones outside of who they live with.

However, what I find most shocking of all, is the lack of consideration for the disabled community in all of this.

Lockdown is an inconvenience for most, but the lack of freedom…

Let me ask you a question — when your friend calls you up and invites you out for a meal, what is your immediate response?

For most, it’s delight that the people you care about have chosen to spend time with you. Forming real, meaningful relationships with people is what life’s all about after all. But for disabled people like me, often a spontaneous invitation can come alongside a torrent of dread.

My first response when people ask me is that I have to “check my diary”. But this is sadly just a cover story — because the reality is…

I was fortunate enough to win the Inclusion and Diversity category in The East Midlands Business Desk ‘s Leadership awards earlier this month, and as a black and disabled entrepreneur, I often think about the idea behind inclusion and diversity categories when it comes to award ceremonies.

For the most part, I believe them to be a fantastic addition to the generic categories of most awards.

There’s only so many times you can see a “Best Director” or “Rising Star” category and it’s important that we celebrate the notion of inclusion and diversity within organisations — something which is often…

Being a successful entrepreneur has been an absolute godsend for me over the years. As a disabled person, it’s allowed me the freedom to work around my disability, never have to ask anyone’s permission for a day off and ultimately be the person who is in control of my own working life.

Sure, the above sounds incredibly appealing and they are just a few of the reasons why thousands of people every year seek to start their own businesses. But entrepreneurship is a turbulent and difficult path.

As I get older, I am starting to see the unique differences between…

As a successful businessman, I often get asked how I manage to maintain my personal motivation. And the truth is sometimes, I don’t!

Think about someone who you deem to be successful — I bet it seems as though they’ve never endured any hardship. But the journey to success is paved with insecurity and self-doubt. It’s just rarely spoken about.

Today I want to talk about the steps you can take to maintain your personal motivation even in the hardest of times.

Understand that you are a human — not a machine

The first step to maintaining your personal motivation is to understand that you are a human and not…

I am absolutely thrilled to announce to launch of my new YouTube channel — I Can. I Will.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a YouTube channel for a good couple of months now but it’s was a frightening prospect — would I come across badly? What would I look like on camera? Would the videos actually be interesting for other people to watch?

In the end, I had to put my insecurities aside and just take the plunge — and I’m so glad I have. …

We all know people who seem to have been dealt the right hand of cards in life.

From the looks to the upbringing, the jobs and the friends. And for others, fate deals them the cards that are leftover.

When you fall into the latter category it can be hard not to feel resentful. At times, you think “Why me? What did I possibly do to deserve this set of circumstances?”

But learning to approach life in a more positive way regardless of what happens to you is key to creating the life you have always dreamed of.

I’ve overcoming…

I recently went to speak at the Blaby District Means Business event on a subject that is very close to my heart — the divide between employers and disabled people.

My presentation, titled “Are Disabled People Crap?” often draws a few giggles from the audience for it’s bold and upfront messaging. But the difficulties disabled people face when it comes to gaining paid employment are sadly no joke.

It’s a topic that means a great deal to me personally and is something I have written about at length in my best-selling book, I Can I Will.

As an employer and…

Mark Esho

I’ve overcome abuse, racism and discrimination to become a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and disability rights advocate.

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