I Don’t Really Believe in “Work-Life Balance”
Danielle Morrill

I don’t believe in the traditional definition of work-life balance, but have adapted my thinking to be “balance through imbalance.” Work can be consuming, immersive, relentless, exciting and stressful, among other things.

I, too, find it impossible to “turn off” when the work day is supposed to be done. My wife and do discuss work over dinner. I enjoy hearing what is happening with her successful design business and she tolerates my stories!

But, I have realized the value in unplugging from time to time to allow myself to recharge my mind, to focus my thoughts in outside areas of interest, and most importantly, to be an engaged and attentive husband and father.

Balance through imbalance, to me, means total immersion in what I’m doing at the time — whether it is work or play. This enables me to be present in the moment, enjoy the non-work stuff fully, and not ignore the fact that our jobs demand an almost always-on mentality!

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