AI, Jobs and Government

Someone commented on my Facebook saying that politicians keep talking about people losing their jobs to AI but what about them? There is also lesser need for politicians too if AI can do a better job.

I thought I share my views here as well.

It is true that AI can replace jobs but not all jobs. According to the research done by IT research firm Gartner, “about one-third of jobs will be replaced by robots and smart machines by 2025.”

In the same research, it also mentioned five industries that will be majorly hit by the introduction of AIs.

1) Healthcare;

2) Manufacturing;

3) Transportation;

4) Customer Service; and

5) Finance.

AI definitely poses a threat to our livelihood. It may not happen in the near future, but it will happen.

What we need to do is to keep staying ahead of the curve. We need to continue to upgrade our skills. We cannot afford to be lazy because, at the end of the day, the governments of the world have no control to this inevitable change. This is why it is the governments’ duty to keep the public informed of the changes and introduce schemes to help its citizens cope with the changes than preventing the inevitable from happening.

Regarding your thoughts on AI replacing politicians, it is valid. Their jobs are replaceable. However, there is no point talking about politicians’ jobs when it is not the main concern of what the people on the ground need to know or have to know. The primary concern should be on the policies that the governments are implementing to help them cope with the changes.


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