Empathic, vulnerable, curious: inspirational leadership in the civil service
Kit Collingwood-Richardso

Excellent, thoughtful piece, Kit!

It’s interesting how different Empathy, Vulnerability and Curiosity (very human attributes) are from the hierarchical, mechanistic way of organizing people and projects in wartime. Oddly, these leadership practices continued in peacetime and became the default framework used to organize modern companies and organizations. Competitive institutional behavior is like war by other means. Some discover that it brings out the worst in them, some find themselves to be constantly in the firing line, and others suffer collateral damage simply because they happen to be in the wrong department at the wrong time. If all of our leaders could bring themselves to put their toy soldiers aside and make a conscious effort to treat others as they would like to be treated, they would find that their workmates are be happier, more engaged and more productive.