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I couldn’t agree more.

In Elementary school I was a “normal kid” and had all the same interests and unimpressive goals as my friends.

But in the 5th grade I had to drop out of school and start homeschool, due to an extended move across the country.

At first, it was super weird.

Having my mom as a teacher?


But overtime, something very strange started to happen…I began to explore my passions and embrace my uniqueness and creativity.

I’m now 16 years old. And I’m the internationally bestselling author of 11 books. I’ve sold tens of thousands of copies.

Just earlier today I officially hired my first long-term employee. (As opposed to the short-term freelancers I’ve been using up to this point.)

If I had stayed in public school, I would probably be bummed out on the couch, playing video games and not doing anything productive with my life.

But instead, I have the amazing opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of countless people each day through my books.

It’s scary to imagine how different things would be if I stayed in public school…