President Trump: It’s a BAD IDEA to life the Net Neutrality Regulation

URGENT: The net neutrality regulation prevents megacorps from taking despotic control of the internet and must not be lifted under any circumstances!

Forget political loyalties, the FCC is about to rob one of our most important freedoms, and it’s imperative we unite against them and demand they cease and desist immediately. But before I tell you exactly why you should be totally against them lifting the net neutrality regulation, I would like to offer a little background analogy for those who are not fully up to speed on this critically important freedom issue of our time.

Imagine the Internet as a big city full of people and businesses called “Net City.” In this big city all transportation and communication services are totally monopolized by four big megacorp bus companies, and to go anywhere or communicate with anyone you must purchase a monthly bus pass from one of them. There are no other modes of transportation or communication available other than the bus companies. Want go to Guitar Center? You’ll need to take one of the buses. Want to send dear grandma a digital letter? You’ll need to send it by bus line to her.

Net City was working perfectly fine when bus drivers were dutifully taking citizens wherever they wanted to go at the speeds they promised, and never playing any role other than neutral delivery service. But then one day one of the bus companies made a business deal with a big name movie theater chain and started deliberately driving citizens much slower to competing smaller movie theaters in an effort to get them to patronize the big movie theater chain they had a deal with. Citizens and small movie theaters were rightfully angry because the bus company was favoring one movie theater over another, which was unethical because the bus company was the only one who even serviced the area for some, and no one else could afford to open up another bus company to compete with them.

Fortunately the government stepped in and said “Hey bus companies, there are only a few of you, and you monopolize transportation and communication, and in some parts of the city citizens only have access to one of you, therefore you must remain NEUTRAL and simply drive people to all destinations impartially.” They then passed a “Net Neutrality” law which forbade the bus companies from ever favoring one business over another again. The law also ensured that big businesses with loads of money couldn’t manipulate the bus system to put their smaller competitors out of business.

Back to real world. The big internet companies like Comcast are the select few bus companies. The net neutrality regulation prevents them from dictating how we access the internet and who we do business with. As a result, we are totally FREE to do business with whoever we want and Comcast and friends can’t do anything about it. We are talking pure freedom of choice, where there is extraordinary competition, and fledgling small businesses and startups are on the same level playing with massive companies to compete for our views and likes and shopping dollars.

In an age in which big businesses like Amazon are working day and night to commoditize everything and limit our choices and force us to do business with them rather than small businesses of our community and all over the Internet, the question begs: how has this beautiful open Internet persisted and remained safe from the foaming jaws of megacorporate imperialists? In a great paradox, the answer is one I surmise Republicans don’t want us to understand, or perhaps don’t even understand themselves, and that is: government regulation. Play sad trombone sound.

To those conservatives who detest government regulation and believe it must be eliminated to prevent government tyranny, I agree with you — except in the case where it is preventing an even greater tyranny. And this is no doubt one of those cases.

If the government grants a few elite megacorps the unregulated liberty to basically turn their public utilities into tyrant Facebook-like closed systems, it will absolutely not result in more freedom for we the people, it will actually result in more slavery.

If you hate the tyranny of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, take it from someone who has architected and developed many software programs and applications over the last 20 years, you will hate the tyranny of a closed Internet controlled by elitist companies even more.

Bottom line: If you are pro net neutrality law, you are pro freedom of choice and pro small business and innovation. If you are anti-net neutrality law, you are proslavery to big business.

Hopefully you now have a much clearer understanding of how critical this issue is, and how incredibly wrong Republicans and the Trump administration are about it. And if you’ve somehow construed this as a repudiation of President Donald Trump, it is no such thing. I support President Trump, but only when his decisions are in the interest of we the people, and in this case they are not. He is wrong on this, and the reason why, I think, is because he doesn’t know enough about the Internet and technology to understand what is at stake for consumers. If he did, I doubt he would support lifting this freedom-securing regulation.. that is unless he is more loyal to big business than we the people of America, which hopefully is not the case.. is it Mr Trump?

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