Your stance on net neutrality indicates whether you are pro-establishment or pro “we the people” working class. If you do not support net neutrality regulation, then you do not support small business and innovation.

If you disagree with me, it is not because your have a valid point, it is because you are simply uninformed, do not know the history of Internet commerce, and don’t understand how slippery this slope is.

Before regulation, big business internet providers like Comcast were actively and deliberately totally screwing consumers and favoring their big business partners over small businesses and independent innovators. They proved multiple times that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing and give all businesses equal opportunity to compete on the Internet for your business. Without regulation they were doing the same exact thing that Lois Lerner was doing at the IRS: favoring one party over another. Believe it. That is how the net neutrality regulation came into existence: not to stifle innovation, but out of necessity to keep mega corporations from stifling it!

So anyone who is still clinging to the “regulation is government tyranny and destroys innovation” fallacy needs to let go of that, because in the case of net neutrality, government regulation is actually PROTECTING and guaranteeing innovation! It is protecting small business and independent innovators from being completely crushed and eliminated by corporate imperialists who care nothing about Innovation nor independence, and whose only goal is PROFIT at any cost, even the cost of consumer freedom, especially at the cost of consumer freedom, because if they had their choice consumers would have no choice!

The Republican establishment rebuttal is that lifting the net neutrality regulation will allow mega corporations like Comcast and Verizon to expand and grow, and subsequently this will improve the economy and create more jobs. Frankly speaking, this is bullcrap. First of all mega corporations are not hurting for money. Please check the stock market if you doubt this claim. Second, there are more ways to grow the economy than handing the keys to the entire Internet to a couple of elite companies. If they want to grow and make more money how about they start innovating themselves rather than taking the lazy way and commandeering a public utility to fill their coffers. Third, even if there is validity to the establishment’s growth theory, if the only way it can be executed is by putting a bullet in the head of small business, then it is an invalid theory deserving of a bullet in its own head. Drastic terms? Yes, this is a drastic situation that justifies drastic terms, even harsher than the ones I am using.

Many sheeple have no concept of what is at stake with net neutrality because they never look outside of their little sheeple cubes and boxes. They think how the Republican establishment tells them to think, and when someone challenges their viewpoints, they come unhinged or start throwing up dismissive, hollow missives. Just remember if you tell someone they have been misled by an establishment lie, and they come unhinged or dismiss you or regurgitate the exact words of the establishment, they just proved you right. Because people who hold independent informed positions based on their own research and reasoning don’t regurgitate someone else’s propaganda, nor do they come unhinged when they are challenged; rather, they actually get excited about the opportunity to educate somebody.

Bottom line: net neutrality is a great thing for small business, innovation, and the spirit of independence from tyranny of all sorts, especially corporate tyranny. If you don’t support net neutrality, you are either uninformed or a friend of the Republican establishment swamp.

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