Silver: NBA Jerseys to Sport Ads Soon, Deal With It

Wouldn’t it be cool if Steph Curry’s entire jersey was wrapped with the Starbucks logo like a NASCAR driver? No? Don’t tell me, you’re one of those old school purists who think pro sports should be “about the game, and nothing but the game,” right? I bet you probably also cringe when you hear classic rock songs on car commercials, don’t you? Sigh. Eye-roll. SMH.

Hey sad trombone, I got news for you: the NBA will be smacking corporate logos on all player jerseys next season, and it’s 99% probable the other pro sports organizations will follow soon thereafter. Booyah!

What’s with the long face? Surely you didn’t think big corps were cool with you fast-forwarding through their multi-million dollar TV commercial investments whilst chomping on Doritos and thanking the Lord for DVR’s, did you? Please! What kind of parallel universe have you been living in? Wake up time, fooz.

Ok, so I’m exaggerating about the jersey wrap thing. In full disclosure the jersey ads will only be 2.5" patches on the left shoulder next season. But I’ll bet wraps aren’t far behind. How about glow-in-the-dark wraps? Or wearable LCD screens on jersey backs that actually play commercials?

Come to think of it, maybe the NBA will go full corpirate and do away with those dumb old city names altogether. Who needs the Golden State Warriors when we can have the Oracle Warriors? Or the REI Timberwolves? Or the Wal-Mart Kings. And why not? They do it in Little League, why not in the big leagues? City names are overrated anyway.

What’s that? You think some players might take exception to being walking billboards for companies they may not even support? The NBA responds: deal with it. Fans don’t want Oprah OWN logos on their Brooklyn Nets jerseys? The NBA responds: Fine, don’t buy one. Because for every one of you antiquated prudes whining about the Corpirating of Everything, there are ten kids who love logos, and could give a rat’s behind about the mythical and magical “purity of the game.”

Don’t tell me, you think the NBA Commish and NBA owners (who stand to rake in tens of millions of dollars from ad-plastered jerseys), are sell-outs. Wrong again. If anything, they’re sell-in’s. That is, they’re sellin’ the crap out of every square inch of their properties — and hello, players are their most important properties of all! If you don’t like it, change the channel, old schooler. Either embrace the future, or don’t.

Sigh. Eye-roll. SMH.


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