The Case of the Vanishing Armed Robber

“He just disappeared. One second he was standing there, the next second he was gone.”

“Do you have video?”

“Yes, he disappears in it. Watch.” The clerk played the surveillance video for the police officers. The glow of the screen reflected in one’s square-rimmed glasses as they skeptically watched a hooded armed robber suddenly disappear in the video.

“I’ll be damned, he does disappear,” one officer said.

“Where the hell did he go?” asked another.

“I have no idea,” the clerk said.

“Well someone must have an idea. Is this some sort of video prank?”

“No no no, this is unalterated video. I watched ‘im disappear with my own eyes!” an older voice cracked from the back of the room.

“Who is he?” asked a third officer.

“He was there. He saw it happen,” said the clerk.

“Sir what did you see?” asked the third officer.

“I seen ‘im disappear. Poof. Gone. Like Darwin Copperfield. Outta here. Freeewwwww,” he said making a short whistle sound.

“He just disappeared. One second he was standing there, the next second he was gone,” added the clerk.

“Yes we’ve established that,” said a fourth officer.

The officers huddled and conferred. One said there was no protocol to report appropriately. Another suggested foul play was behind it, and they should take the clerk and old man in for questioning. Yet another said they could always just tell dispatch it was a false alert and just go get hamburgers, as planned. The clerk and the old man watched the video repeatedly, pointing, recollecting, validating each other.

Then a young man in a hood strolled into the store and patiently waited at the counter. One of the officers pointed to the live feed and said, “you got a customer.”

The clerk spun around and looked at the live feed. “That’s him! The guy who disappeared!!” With that, the room emptied and they streamed down the hall, one after the other, out of the back room towards the store. By the time they reached the counter the hooded man was once again gone. So they hurriedly filed back into the backroom again, shortly after agreeing to leave one officer stationed at the counter in the event the hooded man returned a third time.

In the backroom again, they played the most recent video and collectively gasped when the hooded man once again disappeared into thin air from the store.

“There he goes!” the old man howled.

“See? I told you he disappeared. One second he was there, the next second he was gone,” chimed the clerk.

The officers radioed for a sergeant and agreed to allow the others to leave since, well, it was an inexplicable event that probably was not going to be resolved. One of the officers suggested calling a paranormal investigator. A new clerk arrived around 11pm and heard the story. She didn’t seem phased. She said “I’m not surprised at all, the world is getting super crazy, and people are transforming into new life forms. This was predicted.”

When the sergeant arrived he watched the video with twisted lips, then non chalantly dismissed it is some sort of “technical video aberration.” He then told the officers to write a report and off he went to another call.

These are the stories that never make the news.


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