The Left and the Right Will Lead Us All into Slavery if We Let Them

On the left we have sheep who want to give the government control of everything, and on the right we have sheep who want to give corporate America control of everything, real leaders who are able to strike a balance of responsible power, nowhere to be found.

Though they claim to be radically different, the ends of the two main political parties are identical in that if their respective philosophies were to run to their full conclusions, both would destroy independence and innovation in America, and lead us not to freedom but to slavery; one to the government plantation, the other to corporate plantation. If either get their way, save for the select few, we will all be cottonpickers.

How so?

The left believes that in order to have a strong America we must have an intrusive government that needles in everyone’s business and crushes the spirit of independence and innovation.

The right believes that in order to have a strong America we must have a tiny government and trust big business to do what is right for America, literally transferring the people’s only power to those whose only motive is profit, which also would crush the spirit of independence and innovation.

Therefore I submit both parties are TYRANNICAL and both pose a fatal threat to the future of our republic and the spirit of independence and innovation that has made it what it is. The left is the party of government tyranny, and the right is the party of corporate tyranny. Which one is better? Neither. Both are equally evil.

How so?

Absolute government tyranny has the power to dictate everything, including how we run our businesses and even the amount of money we can make from our efforts, not to mention take away our rights, even the very weapons we use to defend ourselves and our families and businesses!

Absolute corporate tyranny has the power to dictate everything, including if we can even be in business for ourselves at all! Think about it, if Amazon had its way everyone would be working for Amazon. This is why anti-trust laws came to be in the first place: they prevent single companies from absolutely dominating the economy and totally crushing the spirit of independence and innovation in the process. In this sense you could say that the net neutrality regulation is in fact a branch of anti-trust, because it prevents monopoly of a few elite companies. No surprise the Republicans want to kill it.

If the Republican agenda is allowed to succeed, its brand of anarcho-capitalism would give rise to a parallel corporate government that actually had more power than our government. In a great twist of irony, Republicans decry one world government, yet at the same time they champion an economic philosophy that, if allowed to proceed unobstructed God forbid, would create a CORPORATE ARISTOCRACY that would be every bit if not more despotic.

Republicans and libertarians both will tell you that anarcho-capitalism is the main principle on which our country was founded, but that is not accurate. Our founding fathers were very concerned about a corporate-owned government, and Thomas Jefferson was one of the loudest alarmists to warn of its dangers:

“Jefferson was a relentless critic of the monopolizing of economic power by banks, corporations and those who put their faith in what the third president referred to as “the selfish spirit of commerce (that) knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain.” -National

Wow. We really need to stop and let that one sink in and juxtapose it to the relentless drumming of modern Republican ideology which asserts the only way the market can truly be free is to completely pull the government out of it. The thing they fail to tell you though is that “the government” is OUR government, and it is OUR only line of defense to prevent the power-mad profiteers (the ones who “know no country, but only gain”), from banding together and forming a UN-like corporate alliance that is more powerful than OUR government.

Yes Republicans, the idea of a government plantation is horrible, but so is your utopian idea of a corporate plantation. Both lead to slavery.

Republicans want us to think that this is a very black-and-white issue, and say if you are anti government regulation you are a patriot, and if you’re not you’re dirty communist. They constantly paint government as this evil entity that has no business “dictating to companies what they can and can’t do.” But here’s the problem, their alternative gives CORPORATIONS the power to dictate to businesses and consumers what they can and can’t do! Can you see it now? The Republican philosophy of anarcho-capitalism trades one form of tyranny for another.

While Thomas Jefferson was definitely not a socialist, nor a proponent of big government, he knew we needed ENOUGH government to ensure the power of citizens over corporations, and he was very blunt about the critical importance of this to the conservation of the nation. When he saw that banks and corporations were starting to influence the political process too much, he boldly announced: “I hope we shall CRUSH at birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare to challenge our government to a trial of strength, and challenge the laws of our country.”

Anyone who is paying attention knows Jefferson’s fears are absolutely being actualized in present day America. The corporate aristocracy has risen. Corporations now have way too much power to literally subvert our laws and rights with complete impunity. Who is looking out for we the people? Certainly not Republicans. Have you heard a single influential Republican raise any concerns about the increasingly tyrannical power of unregulated corporations, even as they are actively stifling free speech and commoditizing the small business sector into obsolescence?? No. That’s because those corporations are the ones who contribute and pay for republican campaigns! Of course they don’t want to regulate those businesses at all, because they are not governing our country for we the people, they are partnering with corporate America to suck our wallets dry.

Hopefully now you can understand why both the Democrat and Republican parties are opposed to we the people. One is a champion of government tyranny, the other is a champion of corporate tyranny. Neither offer the form of balanced representative governance that Thomas Jefferson espoused; rather they champion the tyranny that he warned us about.

And don’t tell me the Republican Party is the party of responsible governance, because they are right now attempting to hand a few megacorporations the keys to what is essentially a public utility (the internet), and allow them to turn it into a few little sovereign Facebook-like islands, and not a single one of them has made even a peep of protest.

Many of us find ourselves stuck in the middle, resisting and even raging against the tyranny of both parties, and asking: “where are the true defenders of independence and innovation and liberty?” How is it that we ended up with two parties that essentially promote slavery; the left promoting slavery to government, the right promoting slavery to corporatism? We don’t want a violent uprising, but we also don’t want to live under a government or corporate dictatorship! We just want our country!

Slavery was abolished in America, but it’s still alive and well here. The slavemasters are the rich big business and “non profit” special interest leaders and the rich politicians they’re in bed with, and the slaves are the American people who have been bamboozled into supporting them on hollow platitudes and empty promises about prosperity and happiness and hope and change. They are all corrupt, and they all fall short, and the absence of authentic governance by and for the people is both astounding and disturbing.

Jefferson summed up the importance of preventing BOTH government and corporate tyranny when he said. “mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them, by the grace of God.”

That’s right. America is about SWEET FREEDOM and opportunity for ALL, and we the people must continue to fight both parties who want to put us all on the plantation. A new party pillared on the true principles on which this country was founded is way overdue. I suggest one called the People’s Independent Party or something along those lines. Our freedom depends on reform. It is time.

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