Execution Bias

These days there are many companies, large and small, seemingly at a standstill. It’s like they are stuck in a traffic jam of epic proportions. Many of these companies suffer from what some experts refer to as an execution bias.


One way to overcome this feeling of being stuck in the mud is to look for the constraints that are holding your business back. Look for ways to empower your people so they can maximize their output. Think of this as an opportunity for everyone in your organization to outline a fresh start. Focus on the size of the prize and how to attain it.


Make sure everyone understands that to succeed we must focus on adding value for our customers. Always remember to first seek to understand. Only then should we seek to be understood. Customers appreciate vendors that take this approach.


As a highly functioning team we should focus on getting things done, faster. Don’t become a victim of slow decision making, sometimes called the “paralysis of analysis”. Leaders must encourage their team members to display a bias for action.


While innovation is a critical part of any business, it should not take precedence over execution. Bringing new ideas to life is fun and exciting, but all ideas run up against reality at some point. Innovation is never complete. It is an ongoing process. Execution is timeless and ultimately will insure the success of any business.