Reality is for Real Life?

There is a gap between what we confess we believe and the activity of our lives. We can confess the beautiful, confess that we trust, but the shape of our lives indicate we’re gripping onto something else. It’s one thing to voice assent with Westminster, it’s another thing to cling to Westminster when you’re laid off or the pathology report comes back hopeless. What do you confess then? Regardless of words and brave fronts, what really soothes the heart? It works the other way too. What drives your decisions with the Christmas bonus? Whether to watch HBO’s latest drama? How you deal with a flirty co-worker? Where is Westminster then? Does it even matter? Westminster is for church and reality is for real life. What about prayer? Prayer is such an ugly intrusion into our real world. It connects confession to the current situation, which is why we avoid praying. It brings together the confessional and the practical, which makes us uncomfortable. I want to live my life doing certain things, and these things don’t often align with God’s things. I see the world a certain way, and my vision is rarely God’s vision, but both my desire to do and the way I see seem so right. Add to these my self-righteousness and relative confidence that I am, for the most part anyway, certainly more than the guy in the next pew, doing things God’s way . . . Well, how could I be wrong? But I am. What feels right is not right, the heavenly intrusion is right, but it’s way more comfortable to confess myself.

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