Pros of HTML5 !

To promote your business through online, you need a website. Every business has their own website to get people into their business. So website plays an important role for any business. To create a website many scripting languages are available. One of the effective languages is HTML. HTML refers Hyper Text Markup Language, which is used to create website as well as web app. Web app is the client server application. Every technology has latest updates, likewise HTML also has, that is named HTML 5. HTML 5 is the latest version which brought rapid changes in website and app development. This latest featureshelp developers create attractive and user-friendly websites. There is also a lot of advantages from HTML5.

pros of html5

Let us see what are those advantages are and how developers make use of it.


Doctype is the reference to the browser on what version the script has been written. Previous version need Doctype, whereas HTM 5 doesn’t require. HTML 5 makes your page easier to access.

Enhanced Accessibility:

HTML 5 has improved in tags which help user browse websiteseasily. Tags like <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, etc can be used in the code to navigate the website. Theses tags will make your site more attractive.

Maintaining Cleaner Code:

HTML 5 keeps your code simple, clean and easily understand by the beginners. This makes the developer work easy and comfortable rather than complication. It helps to create a new style for every content, which attract more users to stay longer.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile users are growing fast and the usage of mobile internet has been increased rapidly. So making the site mobile friendly is important to avoid losing mobile customers. HTML 5 allows you to build mobile friendly website for all mobile devices. It allows to create responsive websites to effectively reach mobile users. This can diminish the need of mobile app development for some extent.

advantage of html5

Cross Browser Compatibility:

Making the website compatible for multiple browsers is a challenge for the developers. HTML 5 makes the developer job simple. HTML 5 is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE,etc. If your websiteis not compatible for all major browsers, you will lose some good customers.

Audio/Video support:

To add audio or video elements in the website, we used to use Flash elements or third party media elements. But, HTML 5 gives some standard tags like <audio>, <video> to be used in the website. Through this, we can add a number of media elements within the site.


HTML 5 has Geo-location API to track the location of user and make the browsing much more easy and accessible for users.

Fascinating Interface:

Better Interaction is the best way which would help to better rapport with customers. HTML 5 has advanced features to make the site more attractive and interesting. This makes customers stay longer in the website. So create a site with HTML 5 to have better conversion rate.

Game Development:

Games are more popular even online today. HTML 5 gives the best support to develop user engaging games. It has <canvas> tag to makegame development easier.

I hope above info is helpful to you.

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