Under your nose
David Kadavy

Imagine IF: The people who are blessed with creative Ideas would or even could throw them out into the world. A place where others who love to just tinker for the sake of Making stuff. Then (wait for it) people are who are good with other people can find the stuff that is made and Sell it to people who might want it.

Unfortunately: Very few people feel they can give their ideas away, and very few people want to give away what they have made. Why is that? Will the people who sell it give anything back to the creators? If only! Yet how many people in the world are actually blessed with all these gifts in the one mind?

Imagine IF: We played as a team and shared the benefits. A team that didn’t have a star who stole the limelight. As a football player I was afraid of the goal, but I was a born defender. Similarly as a Maker and a Seller I suck, but I can’t stop having Ideas.

I’m an Idea:9, Maker:4, Seller:0. or IMS 940.

Tens aren’t allowed, no one is that good!

The perfectly blessed Entrepreneur, a mind with all the gifts, would be an IMS 999. How many people like this truly exist? Yet the lack of sharing and the aspirational desire to be an Entrepreneur dooms nearly everyone to fail.

I’m an IMS 940, what are you?

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