Aspirations vs Distractions

There are three life long aspirations that are accompanied by three major distractors.

  1. To speak internationally enhancing myself as well as others beyond our glass ceilings Is The first aspiration.
  • The deterrent to this has been lack of self esteem and boldness to go ahead and create the presentations and book the sessions even free ones.

2. To provide technical assurance training for those who can afford it and develop workshops that empower the youth to be able to transfer technical knowledge to their elders and bridge the gap that would invoke a dialogue and enhance relationships to cause the elders to impart wisdom into the youth. This is the second target.

  • The distraction to this has been the defeatist thoughts of “will someone actually come, will someone actually take benefit from this?”

3. To establish a transition facility for the homeless where the first night they are given a warm meal clean clothes a clean bed and clean clothes a place to cleanse themselves and they just rest securely.

The next night they are taught to do for he next person what was done for them the night before.

As the weeks progress, they are counseled to provide emotional healing, medical attention and taught skills that they choose to empower them for employment.

The transition facility is partners with Multiple organizations and businesses that will hire them.

After being hired the individual moves to the other building where they Maintain and work receiving 25% of their pay while the remaining is invested/saved to give them what is needed to move into their own place. Has been The. goal for over 25 years.

  • The blockers. for this has been procrastination and distractions.

To accomplish these Aspirations

I will:

  • Continue sharing about them
  • Plan to accomplish them
  • Set current consistent goals/tasks
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