There used to be in my mindset that. the reason why I go to work was to earn money.

Even though having income is a necessity, and not having it causes me to be a tad bit frustrated I have found the reason I go to make it has nothing to do with the the why of how in the going about to obtain it.

Now, one definite reason is to have something to provide for and leave for my children Joshua Isaac and Sherry Cecelia.

Yet, that still does not give me the drive to get up every morning and do what I do.

Hmm, doing what I do.

I kinda like what I do. I love a portion of what I do maybe 25% of it.

Then I am challenged by and fascinated at times by the remainders.

Helping people and making a difference is paramount for me.

Being able to help the teams I support accomplish their work gives me a sense of gratification.

Transferring knowledge to my teammates of what I’ve learned over the years, that right there provides me with the ultimate satisfaction in my profession.

Then it brings me back to my WHYs in the dreams that incessantly gnaw at me until I talk about them or make some effort towards them.

  • To teach others technology
  • To train trainers
  • To empower the homeless

M position allows me to sharpen my training skills, learn more about my niche of technology in a way I never have, and provides me the income to do something for the Homeless.

So the reason to my why I go to work each day…

Is to pursue my dreams.

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