Why Having a Niche Business Is the Best Thing for My Mental Health
Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea, this “little thing” you’ve built is a big deal.

I’ve launched a number of fast-growth companies, and its not all fun (well, unless you like critically managing cash flow. If so, then it’s a blast!)

Growth sucks capital. Peripheral markets can eat you alive.

I had one company that was hugely profitable at $3,000,000 in annual revenue. We cranked it to $6,500.000, and it was running a constant $500,000 in debt. For what, bragging rights?!?

Love your focus. Dig your understanding of what you’re doing. And your adherence to being great at what you are.

You’re a great example of sustainable growth and putting your resources where they make a real difference. Big congrats to you and your team.