Everyone is a Memorable Philosopher. Really. Even you. Especially you.

Do you ever see or receive these amazing quotes from well established, credible minds? Philosophic memes that telegraph some deep wisdom that resonates? Well, guess what? Every single one of us is that philosopher.

Mark Alan Effinger
Feb 20, 2018 · 3 min read

In the last 5 years, I’ve arbitrarily began mining Facebook dialogues for inspiring and profound insights.

Not from luminaries. Not from know quantities. From you and me. From us, the collective genius that makes up 99.99% of the humans cohabiting this rock.

Think on that: how can “average” people be as deep and philosophically rich as Thin Nhat whatshisname?

How can a single mother of three, living in a sketchy apartment. Buying groceries at Ralph’s. Be as deeply insightful as Mother Theresa?

Simple: rather than isolating themselves and sitting on a mountain top, lotus position, perfect breathing. These strangers, friends and extended family are doing and being.

And when the questions arise that need answering, the magic these folks feel inside is released as cosmically beautiful prose.

Because someone asked a question. Or posed an idea. Or shared a picture of a kitten.

Kitten Memes — where would Instagram be without ‘em?

And you responded. Not just a Like. Or an ovation. But something much more.

You see, everyone’s soul speaks the same language.

Some exercise it in public. Others have been journaling profound wisdoms for years. Then, every morning, putting those wisdoms back in their hiding place until tomorrow’s entry.

How do I know? Because I have you.

See, over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have been friended by you. And many have risked openly sharing their insights and desires and passions and foibles.

Risked the potential scorn of the crowd. For the potential grace of the loving and appreciative.

This is where I become overjoyed (yes, much like the Jars of Clay Song).

Because few things delight me more. Few things fill me with as much happiness, as finding a beautifully composed comment that moves the soul.

And knowing anyone and everyone does so at various times, it keeps me on my toes. Looking. Sharing. Watching for brilliance.

The cool part? I never know when or where it will arrive.

It could be deep deep within a thread.

Or within the context of an illuminating passage.

Wherever it is, I feel fortunate when it jumps off the page and shows up in my head and heart.

Because that one off-the-cuff comment is proof to me that we are all sitting on the overstuffed couch called brilliance.

All we need is a moment to let down our guard and be willing to spill open a spark of insight.

Even if, at the time, it was just a humorous insight on a cat picture. These are a few of my favorite things…

Mark Alan Effinger

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