Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, when my wife and I entered the bankruptcy court, it felt like all eyes were on us. It was 1996. In one year I had gone from indomitable to in-da-dumps. From tech business king to court jester in a single cycle around the sun.

20 days later, as a result of a clean slate and aggressively paying down my mortgage during the flush years, I had a new Macintosh, inkjet printer, digital camera and a craptastic Ford Ranger that wouldn’t idle. Gutter scoops and a ladder, and I was out of tech and onto roofs, my custom color postcards of big houses in exclusive neighborhoods making the phone ring.

I sold that business a year later, using the proceeds to get off those dangerous roofs and into the web.

The rest is a series of awesome tech tales that continue to this day.

What doesn’t kill you makes you smarter”.

Thanks for the reminder.