Giving Birth vs Raising the Dead…

He really said that…

Years ago (25 years ago, to be exact) a mentor and friend said this to me: “Mark, it’s easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead”.

At the time, he was talking about not wasting time with clients and channel partners who had lost momentum (Momentum… that’s another post, coming soon).

Anyhow, it was an incredible revelation. How much of my time was wasted coddling people who were just going to fold the moment I let my foot off the gas?

(ANSWER: Most of them. Sometimes, all of them). You have to find your own intrinsic motivation to keep plowing ahead, regardless of the issues in your way. Relying on an outside source of power creates a very fragile relationship. Dependence, rather than Independence or, as Covey so aptly declared in his classic 7-Habits, Interdependence (the best of both worlds).

So, for the most part, this makes sense. And for you and I, focusing on maintaining momentum when we have it is really important. Losing it can cost us revenue. Time. Prior investment. Employee happiness. And goodwill. (Not the kind where you buy used Levi’s for $5 bucks a pair. The OTHER goodwill. The kind that takes years to develop).

But this is where we need to gain perspective: This does NOT mean abandonment. This should not be construed as Fight or Flight. This is not about abandoning the fight. It’s about ensuring your limited resources are invested in the right places.

Here’s to maintaining momentum. And, when it makes sense, successfully resurrecting those people, products and deals that may otherwise die an ugly, drawn-out death.

Or perhaps, birthing new business and relationships that you can maintain without fear of them dying if you head to Maui for a much deserved vacay.