Pouch: How we got 5 offers on Dragons Den
jonny plein

Huge congrats, jonny!

I was expecting to glaze over by the third paragraph, but you did a great job of sharing the excitement and details, without being bombastic. I’m gonna credit your combo of British charm and engineering/market centric focus. Well done.

Knowing how fast $75k can go up in flames just trying to Get To Market, what is your A Round finance strategy (I’m considering this an Angel or Seed round)?

And when do you and your team (as well as your new investors) consider your business a win? Is this a cash flow play, or a cash-out gig?

Well done! I’m following you now, and sincerely wish you stratospheric growth, profits, and sustainable success. You seem like smart, hard working, focused and deserving guys. Assets to the entrepreneurial community.