Incredibly important insights, Steven.

Mark Alan Effinger
Sep 12, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m with you.
I’ve just completed Ray Dalio’s Principles. His wisdom dovetails nicely with your observations as well. Most notably, 3rd Order Consequences.

Ray Dalio has some really great advice on Decision Making.

My office is full of 20-somethings and a handful of 30-somethings. Great people who love their work and have become domain experts with unique and special talents. We try our best to nurture their strengths.

But advanced decision making isn’t a foundational component of their thinking. The wisdom and “aha moments” that arise from experience aren’t there. They do their best. But what you’re talking about — making decision-making a foundational practice. That’s magic for these youngins. That’s imparting wisdom from the get-go.

I equate it to how a person operates in Survival Mode: They can only make the decision that effects them today. There’s no additional resource to address the future.

Maslow had some pretty good insights.

But once an individual has their base level needs met, and a bit of extra to work with, suddenly decision making comes into full color.
A) Hookers and Blow… or…
B) Save and invest.

Without the history, processes, tools and mentors you’re addressing in your new tome, most lack the guiding True North Skills necessary to succeed.

I’m in. Here’s to changing the world for the better.

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