SIMPLE SUCCESS: A Measly 1% More…

Most people reach a point in their lives where they’re looking to relax, rather than perform.

They’ve resigned themselves to a fixed or declining energy level.

They’ve allowed common thinking to give the excuse to the middle age bulge.

They’ve been beat-up enough that real fulfillment and success are long faded dreams buried in a beer and a TV show.

But the difference between a life of fulfillment and success or mediocrity is very narrow. In my 44 years of real observation, it’s 12% to 15% more output than we natively expense.

Slightly more than 1% more per month, in any given year.

Here’s the interesting thing: 
that 1% will actually produce more results with less effort over time.

At a certain point, momentum takes over. The energy and focus you invested last month accelerated your results this month. Compound interest kicks in, and each day gets easier, not harder.

Our common mistake is that we project three months in the future and it looks exhausting. We equate a given level of results with an equivalent level of commitment and energy outlay.

Instead, we need to think about accumulated results. We need to realize that 1% this month. Forming that new habit. Leveraging those results. Means you’re already ahead next month.

You’ve increased your baseline to a new level. One that, when done right, becomes nearly effortless to maintain. The work you put in begins to work for you. You develop tolerance to your energy outlay. You get better at managing your movement.

Once we apply this principle to the areas of our lives we want to improve, incredible things begin to happen.

Exhaustion gives way to possibilities.
Resignation gives in to hope.
Failure fades under the rise of success.

Think of all the areas in your life where you can apply a 1% improvement.

Since each one typically takes a different kind of energy, it’s even possible to improve multiple areas at once, with ease.

I implore you to invest in your 1%. 
I guarantee you won’t miss the minuscule investment in energy.

I also guarantee that this year’s 12% increase will change your life.