Why we only work 4 days a week during summer
Kris Niles

Kris, we are, at this very moment, looking at this potential, with two twists.

1) Having a second shift cover the otherwise “unused” days. We are still in fast growth mode, and appreciate our momentum (a mentor once said to me: “it’s easier to give birth than raise the dead”.) we respect natural market momentum, and will work to maintain it. And…

2) Working Monday through Thursday, taking Friday through Monday off (4 day weekend). Backed by working a Tuesday through a Friday, taking Saturday and Sunday off, in a revolving schedule.

I’ve scheduled both in various startups, but usually sold the company within 12–24 months of founding. So didn’t get a chance to get the full experience. But we’re in year 5 of WebNutrients, and we are working on a much more long-term plan.

Thanks for the great insights on how you’ve done it. Ill be sharing this at today’s Beer:30 meeting.